"We are always striving for improvement, for those 1% gains, in absolutely everything we do"

Dave Brailsford, Team Sky

Zero.One% Ltd was set up in 2019 to help you meet your fitness goals no matter where you are on your journey. We understand that every improvement counts even if it's a marginal gain of 0.1%. We are the creators of the unique Blood Flow Restriction T-Shirt, that brings style and performance together. Our product range has now expanded and includes strength and functional equipment.

The company was created by Fran and Colin, a couple from the UK, who met whilst working in the fitness industry for the World's largest sporting goods manufacturer. With 10 years experience helping gyms create and design unique spaces that encourage people to exercise, we have now taken this knowledge to design unique apparel to help people maximise their workout.


There have been numerous scientific studies, fitness forums and professional athletes who have discussed and tested the benefits of BFR Training however this is still considered an elitist training method.

At Zero.One% we want to 'keep it simple' using BFR bands on your arms and legs will increase muscle growth.

This is achieved through blood flowing into the working muscles while restricting the return flow causing the muscles to swell, once famously described as "the pump". This swelling shocks the body into boosting muscles growth.

The huge benefit to BFR training is that this is al achieved whilst lifting light weight, as little as 30% of your 1 rep maximum. The result being BFR increases muscle growth whilst reducing the chance of injury.