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Suspension Trainer, Mount and Skipping Rope Bundle
  • Suspension Trainer, Mount and Skipping Rope Bundle


    The ZP1 Suspension Trainer has been designed to you improve strength, mobility and build muscle using nothing other than your own bodyweight. The ZP1 raining system focuses on the 7 fundamentals of resistance training: Push; Pull; Squat, Rotate, Lunge; Hinge and Plank.


    With over 300 movements variations the ZP1 Suspension Trainer allows you to perform both compound and isolated movements, ideal for all over body conditioning. Our Suspension Straps are both lightweight and durable, tested up to maximum load of 400kg. The Straps can be easily adjusted using the quick release buckles allowing for smooth transitions between exercises.


    The ZP1 Suspension Trainer comes with an internal door anchor for home use or while on your travels. It also includes an extension strap which can be fixed to a secure to our Wall Mount, Frame or Tree making it perfect for park based workouts.


    The ZP1 Suspension Trainer bundle comes with a X-Mount Wall Anchor, Adjustable Skipping Rope, and Complete Exercise Guide, everything you need to get you started on your fitness journey.

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