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ZP1 Weighted Vest
  • ZP1 Weighted Vest


    Heavy Weighted Fitness Training Vest; Breathable Fabric with internal padding for comfort; 2kg Black Vest; 2x 4kg Cast Iron Branded Plates


    The ZP1 Weighted Vest is designed to make your workouts that little bit harder, whether you are running, doing pull-ups or body weighted strength exercises this Vest will take your training to the next level. This well designed, one size fits all Vest has adjustable elastic sides, double lined Velcro fastening to hold secure, inner padded lining both front and back for comfort and a quick release system to remove the vest after that final rep. The vest is 2 kg in weight without any additional plates, making it a versatile training tool for both beginners and pro-athletes. There is a front and rear pouch to add weight and increase the intensity of your workout. ZP1 also include 2 x 4kg cast iron branded weight plates. The plates can be positioned either front or back to match the workout.


    Examples include inserting both plates in the back the vest will mimic carrying a weighted rucksack, while offering wrap around comfort at the front of the body. Alternatively, you can insert one plate in the front and one in the back creating an even distribution of weight for strength exercises such as pull-ups or body weight movement like air-squats.


    The ZP1 weighted vest is the complete package for improving your overall fitness and strength

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